Commercial Video

Designing Video Systems to Meet Your Needs

Wyandotte Technologies can design and install a system to distribute high-definition video throughout your space to multiple displays from multiple sources. We can design and install a system that will meet all your multimedia and digital signage needs. We can help you deliver a targeted message in real-time using eye-catching displays, distributed audio, and easy-to-operate control systems.

Whether you require distributed video for a restaurant, bar, conference room, auditorium, retail space, fitness center, or house of worship, Wyandotte Technologies can provide you with an effective, user-friendly system.

You can choose plasmas, LCD flat screens, projectors or wall screens to meet your organization’s needs.

Current technology now provides TVs that are completely weather proof. They stand up to rain, dust, insects, and extreme temperatures. The extra bright LCD panels and anti-reflective screens reduce glare and increase contrast. These TVs stand up to the complex challenges of commercial outdoor applications.

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