“To advance the standard of living of the Tribe… and to promote in any other way the general welfare of the Indians of the Wyandotte Nation”

The Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma (WTOK) is the Wyandotte Nation’s federally chartered corporation and drives economic development for the Tribe. Our mission is to carry out the purpose of the 1937 federal corporate charter of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma -- “To advance the standard of living of the Tribe...and to promote in any other way the general welfare of the Indians of the Wyandotte Nation.”

Economic development supports various programs for tribal citizens, including education, housing services, family services, environmental protection, tribal vehicle tags, law enforcement, culture, and healthcare.

The corporation is comprised of diverse business enterprises. WTOK owns companies in telecommunications, information technology, food and beverage, manufacturing and entertainment.

WTOK small business offer its partners and clients all the advantages of 100-percent tribally owned and Small Business Administration (SBA) Certified 8(a) companies.

WTOK manages three casinos -- the Lucky Turtle and River Bend Casino & Hotel in Wyandotte, Okla., and 7th Street Casino in Kansas City, Kansas -- as well as restaurants, diners, cafes, and a club. In addition, WTOK operates two travel plazas in Wyandotte and Grove, Oklahoma.

The first business “Turtle Stop,” which started as a convenience store, has grown into a travel plaza with a diner, showers, truck/car wash and dedicated semi fuel pumps with an adjacent casino.

By 1991 the corporation branched out into government contracting and filing for an SBA 8(a) certification won its first government contract at Fort Knox, performing data and voice cable installation.

In 1995, the corporation branched out into telecommunications systems maintenance and operations winning several contracts at several Air Force Bases across the United States.

WTOK continued to grow and won an Information Technology contract with the USDA Food and Nutrition Services in Alexandria, Virginia followed by an administrative services, public address office and information technology services contract for the Department of Energy, Southwest Power Administration.

WTOK has grown into a multi-faceted business conglomerate. Now possessing enterprises in manufacturing, food and many areas of hospitality and entertainment business.

Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the Wyandotte Nation is an entrepreneurial people. Hard working and creative and always productive. 

The Wyandotte people have a proud history and heritage that has propelled them into an industrious and prosperous future. 

To find out more about the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma, visit the website www.wtok.org.